Casey Neistat – YouTuber, Vlogger and Star of The Neistat Brothers

Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s most talked about creators. He has earned over 9 million subscribers thus far and continues to get no less than a million views for each new video that he uploads. As you can imagine, Casey’s large subscriber base did not come by chance. He has been quite consistent with his posting, he puts a lot of work into his videos and uses a very effective strategy to maintain his success.

Casey’s video quality is one of the main things that attracted viewers to his channel. As a seasoned filmmaker, he entered the vlogging world using many of the elements of professional films and this made his vlogs stand out from the typical formula used by most vloggers before him.  He incorporates great music into his videos; He also uses amazing special effects that make for top-notch cinematography. Casey seeks to tell a story or impart an important message with each video and he uses the music and effects creatively to help him illustrate this to his viewer. He tops off his videos by using bold attention-grabbing titles, which is a strategy that works.

In this video he uses all these elements to tell an inspiring story about realizing his true desire in life. He uses fast and upbeat music to match the energy of the video and to match his message about the sport-like nature of filmmaking. He also uses an appropriate and interesting mixture of video clips to illustrate each aspect of his journey, from classic references to his own past videos. All the elements of entire video come together to show why Casey Neistat is one of the most successful vloggers on YouTube. Simply put, he invests energy and thought into his videos.

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