Sawyer Hartman – Filmmaker and YouTube Star

Sawyer Hartman is a professional filmmaker who has earned nearly 2 million subscribers by making some of the most impressive videos on YouTube.  Sawyer’s professionally-made videos showcase his exciting everyday life and relationships and they also inspire his viewers. Because of his great storytelling skills, he gets thousands of views on each of the videos that he shares on the platform. To complement these videos, Sawyer showcases an upbeat personality and adds his girlfriend as a supporting character for the channel which is a something that makes him a more relatable creator.

Sawyer doesn’t only focus on making high-quality footage for himself, he also tries to provide viewers with valuable information that can help them to successfully make the content of their own. These educational videos are quite suitable for a channel like his since many of his fans are already enthused by his work and would be interested in getting inside information as to how to achieve what he does.

This video is an example of one of Sawyer’s best works. It has all the elements mentioned. It has footage that was exceptionally filmed and edited, with suitable music which all come together to make a skillfully told story that is meant to inspire. The video encourages people to live the best life that they possibly can. Videos like these appeal to viewers because many of them look to successful creators like Sawyer for upliftment and inspiration. Since Sawyer continues to tap into the desires of viewers and make content that people want to see, he continues to maintain steady viewership on his videos.

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