Top-40 Best Ideas for YouTube Vlogging


What type of YouTube videos do you enjoy watching? Which video makers do you subscribe to? Are they funny? Informational? Have you thought about making your own videos?

Here are the top 40 ideas for YouTube vlogging. A vlog is a blog in video form. It’s the art that allows you to create a video about anything you want to write about. A vlog can be a simple recording of you talking to the camera on a smartphone or a technical masterpiece with special effects, lighting, backdrops, actors, and on-scene locations. You could illustrate your vlog with on-screen text overlays or PowerPoint slides.

All it takes to be a successful YouTube vlogger is an idea and the willingness to start recording. Did you know that YouTube only began in 2005? The next year, it was the 5th most popular website on the internet. Start small, and if you are creating videos that are entertaining or useful to your viewers, your popularity will take off as YouTube’s did.

Funny Vlogging Ideas


Tell a funny story

Has something hilarious happened to you? Did you witness a ridiculous event? Olan Rogers does this well and has gained success as a comedic writer and filmmaker. He laughs while telling his stories, making people laugh with him.


OlanRogers YouTube: 1 million followers


React to old videos

Find commercials, movies, or your own videos from the past and show yourself reacting to them. People will laugh at both the nostalgic videos and at your reactions. Get creative and provide commentary as you watch the piece or go into the viewing blind to capture your initial reactions. You could combine the approaches by filming your first reactions and then doing a voice-over or second part of the post with your commentary.


MannyMua733 YouTube: 4 million followers


Mock or pay homage to other vloggers

You could create a video of sarcastic or good-natured commentary on another person’s post. Be careful not to use their material too freely as you might infringe on copyrights and earn a take-down notice from YouTube. You can use clips, though, or recreate the entry for your own purposes. As long as you are adding creativity to the work, it is free game. Some vloggers post hilariously bad entries, so use them as fodder, or practice the style of your favorite creator to enhance your skills.


ESSNTL YouTube: 64k followers


Make prank calls

Call someone and pretend to be someone else, or ask the person who is answering strange questions to see how they respond. You could turn this idea around by playing jokes on people who call you. Pretend you’re someone else answering or make comments to confuse the caller. This is the perfect payback for telemarketers. Try to make them hang up on you or go off script from what they’re supposed to say. Try to sell them something in return or ask them inane questions about their product.

Entertaining Vlogging Ideas


Comment on your favorite vlog posts

As you’re beginning your YouTube channel or learning how to make vlogs, start by using your research as filming material. You’re no doubt watching other people’s uploads to see how they’re creating their entries, so make a vlog commenting on what you like or don’t like about other vloggers’ styles. Create a compilation short comparing different vloggers or post a video analyzing each person’s content and methods.


Write a song and perform it

Are you a musician? Gain popularity by recording yourself performing a song. Introduce the recording or make a separate post explaining the inspiration for the song and how you wrote it. Share the link on social media to increase your notoriety.


Make a gaming video

If you enjoy playing computer or console games, you can review a game or show yourself playing it in a Let’s Play walkthrough. If you like board or card games, review one and show people how to play. See ZachScottGames for play-throughs, GC Positive for reviews, and Will Wheaton’s Geek&Sundry Tabletop section for board games.


Film a challenge

Have you taken the ice bucket challenge? Participated in Tough Mudder? Film it! People doing uncomfortable or hard activities is both entertaining and inspiring. You could create a whole channel about you and your friends presenting different challenges to each other and filming your actions.


Informational Vlogging Ideas

People turn to Google and YouTube to learn new skills every day. If you are good at something, help other people with your knowledge! You’ll earn traffic from searches and people will appreciate the tutorials and advice you provide.


How to…

These are short posts that teach basic skills. Think of anything that people might want to know how to do. The more obscure, the better, so that you’re not competing with other vloggers’ material. Think of a unique trick you’ve learned for doing something better. The following ideas will inspire you.


Teach a skill 

What do you know how to do? What are you good at? It could be anything from snapping your fingers to fixing a plumbing issue to playing an instrument to managing relationships. If you know how to do it, other people will want to know too. Create a series of posts starting with the basics and ending with your most advanced knowledge.


Handcrafting items

Do you have a crafting ability? Do you know how to work with and select the best materials for a project? From basket weaving to costume design, showing people how to make successful DIY items will earn you a lot of credit for your knowledge.


How to edit videos/pictures?

While you’re making your final uploads, why not do a special on how you film and edit your posts? It will be instructional for new YouTubers and interesting to your regular viewers.


Shameless Maya YouTube: 1 million followers


Give advice!

What have you learned in life? Have you developed a personal philosophy that you can pass on to others? Maybe about dating or managing your work life? Tell people what you believe and why for them to consider what you’ve learned.


Q&A videos

Informational or outrageous, these posts are always fun to do. Collect a series of questions about your favorite subject. Make a list yourself or let viewers submit questions. Present the questions on camera and then do your best to answer them.


Present a quiz

You can test people’s knowledge about what you’ve taught or encourage them to learn more about a subject with a simple quiz. Ask or show a series of questions on the screen, wait for the viewer to think of an answer, and then share the correct information.


Film a workout routine

Do you exercise? Are you in good shape or working toward the goal of getting in better shape? Film an instructional demonstration of your routine. Encourage people to follow along or try the routine in their own exercise time.


Chelsea Trevor YouTube: 250k followers


Beauty tips

Make-up, hair, and general self-care tips are important to people of both genders. Show how to achieve a certain look or cut a new hairstyle. Watch a few Victoria Victoria entries for a sample of current trends in this category.


Rclbeauty101 YouTube: 13 million followers


Style & Fashion

Similarly, viewers search the net for how to dress better or how to dress for certain occasions. You can present traditional styles or trending fashions. Suggest outfits for work, dating, and different seasons.


Song of Style YouTube: 249k followers


Document your travels!

Are you taking a trip? Film your journey. It will help viewers get to know you and help them know what to expect if they want to travel to the same area. It could be strictly informational on the location, more about you and your experiences, or a funny montage about things that could go wrong while traveling.


Host a tech vlog

Do you know the difference between an iPhone and a Samsung? Do you know what the best specs are for a TV or computer? Share your knowledge by informing people about high-tech concepts they might not understand. Tell us about new technology companies develop and what we should expect to pay for high-tech products. What is the best free and paid software for various applications? How do I make an app? With so many ideas for technology, you’ll want to limit yourself to areas you have expertise in or are interested in learning about.


Showcase recipes and demonstrate cooking

Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen? Do you create or like trying new recipes? Encourage your viewers to add to their culinary skills with a gourmet chef’s vlog or a simple creative recipe series. Show people the best practices for managing a kitchen or present innovative ways to use common foods in snacks and desserts.


Review or compare products

With so many options of what to buy in each industry, from pet food to clothing and accessories to digital cameras, it’s hard to know what product is the best. If you consider yourself a smart shopper with knowledge of what makes a quality product in a certain industry, narrate your findings. Highlight the benefits and flaws of each product. Explain if the price of the product is a good value for the features it provides.


What’s in the box?

As opposed to a product review, this type of presentation simply shows people what is included with a product. When you buy something, film yourself unpacking it and show each item that comes in the package. People searching for information on the product will land on your page. Your presentation will help them know what to expect if they purchase the same product. You can give your opinion of the product you bought as you unpack it or let viewers decide for themselves.

Unbox Therapy YouTube: 10 million followers


What to do when you’re bored?

You could go a couple of different directions with this theme. It could be whimsical or motivational. Film short clips of you doing silly things to pass the time or exhort people to use their time wisely with more productive activities. You could make a series showing good and bad uses of time. Play with your pet or practice a job skill. Throw a ball against the wall or brainstorm of ideas for a book. Read a new comic book series or look for freelance drawing jobs. Such a series would be entertaining and informative.

Real-life Vlogging Ideas

People love honesty. If you dare to tell your story honestly, people will soak it up. But you have to show all sides of yourself: the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the triumphal. Charles Trippy, the vlogger who holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive vlogs (1 post each day for 3,000 days!), documented his dating life all the through his divorce. His series, Internet Killed Television, shows his real, daily life. You don’t need to make a post every day as he did, but if something significant happens to you, tell your viewers about it. Use your vlog as your diary or journal


Facts about you

This is an introduction of yourself. Tell the world about who you are. How old are you? Where did you grow up? Are you in school? What do you do for work? Tell as many things as you can remember from your past and detail your life now. Break the information up over as many posts as you need. The more information you give, the more your viewers will feel like they know you and will want to continue following your life story.


Room / house / town tour

Take the camera around your living area. Show people your layout, your possessions, whether you live neatly or like a slob. If you have roommates, introduce them. Film yourself walking around campus or visiting different places in town. All of these ideas portray how you live and what you do on a daily basis.


Office / work tour

If you can get permission, take a camera around your workplace. Talk about what the company does and what you do in particular. If you have a non-traditional job like working at home, film yourself doing it. Narrate your process and why you chose a certain line of work. Tell us about your challenges and victories at work.


What do you eat?

If you’re a foodie, film the different dishes that you try. Be sure to detail how you made it or who prepared it. Give a review of the dish, as if you were a food critic. You could turn this around as a tongue-in-cheek series by ironically reviewing common or unhealthy items. Give your opinion of Doritos or a Twinkie as if you were at a 5-star restaurant. Browse through FirstWeFeast’s channel for ideas on how to implement the foodie theme.


Favorite movies / books / music

You can learn a lot about a person by knowing what media they enjoy. Tell us why you enjoy your favorite movies, books, and music. Do they excite you? Resonate with your emotions? Remember that this is not a review of the product. You can make an informational video for that purpose. This is about you and why you connect with the work.


A day in the life

This is a combination of the above ideas. The goal is to film every minute of one day. Turn the camera aside when you need to for privacy, but keep it on. Don’t worry about embarrassing sounds or awkward moments. Capturing that type of reality is the goal of the project. You can either talk to the camera as your day goes on or pretend it isn’t there as you candidly film yourself. Record everything that happens, everything you say.


Things that make you… 

What makes you happy in life? What makes you angry or sad? Why do you think these things affect you? You could make this into a list entry where you think about it ahead of time and then narrate your feelings, or you could record an entry whenever something gets you riled up. Did something in your life make you experience strong emotions? Did something in the news move you with joy, compassion, or outrage? Summarize the event and show your reaction.


What do you think about…?

Everyone has opinions. You don’t need to have all the facts about an issue or be an official representative to share your opinion on a subject. If you hear about a new political argument or a company decision, what is your first response? Share your thoughts. Maybe your viewers will agree with you. Even if they don’t, knowing your opinions will help them know you better as a person.


What are your goals?

What kind of lifestyle do you want to achieve? What do you want people to think of you or know you for? Describe what you want your life to be like in 5, 10, or 20 years. Knowing your dreams and motivation will help viewers understand why you do certain things. Subscribers will cheer you on as you work toward your goal and applaud your successes.


What mistakes have you made?

Do you have regrets about a relationship? A real life situation? Or did you try launching a business and fail? Do you wish you hadn’t made a certain post or comment on a social media? Share your thoughts about what you did wrong and what you could have done better. It will show a vulnerable side of yourself and help viewers learn from your mistakes.


Draw life!

If you’re artistic (or even if you’re not), film yourself illustrating your life. It could be your history in comic strip form or a drawing of how you view your present situation. Explain the drawing. What do certain elements represent? What is the significance of your use of particular colors?


What did you get?

Was it your birthday? Christmas? Showcase your loot! Who gave you what and are you pleased or disappointed? What are you most excited about? If you received gift cards or cash, what are you going to buy? Don’t review products themselves, but tell us why you want the item for yourself.


Olivia Jade YouTube: 1.3 million followers


Interview your friends 

While we’re getting to know, we’ll also want to know about your closest friends. You’ll most likely show or talk about them in your other uploads. This is your chance to ask them direct questions about their background or opinions for the benefit of your viewer. Check our top-6 best microphone for great interview and vlogging!


Girlfriend / boyfriend themes

Last but not least, introduce us to your significant other if you have one. If you like someone, film them and tell us how you feel. You could make a compilation of your best moments with that person or record one of your dates and your conversations.

Branding Vlogging Ideas

These are the videos that are meant to promote your channel. Publish them on YouTube and share them on social media to attract traffic to your site.


Channel Trailer (90 sec max)

This could be an introduction of yourself or your channel’s theme. Once you have a few vlog posts finished, make a new channel trailer with brief clips from the different entries. You might want to make this project a little more polished than your regular entries as this is likely the first piece new viewers will see.



Have you reviewed a product? Crafted an item for your how-to post? Did you purchase an item or prop to complete an entry’s theme? Advertise a giveaway! People love free swag. Ask people to subscribe or comment on your channel for a chance to win the item. It will generate new interest in your channel as people try to earn the prize.


Best Tools for Generating Infinite Content Ideas for Your Vlog


It’s called a blog idea generator, but remember, a vlog is simply a blog in video format. For this, you simply type in 3 nouns and the generator will produce 5 headlines or title ideas. Some of them won’t fit your theme, but they will start you thinking in new directions. You can run the generator for the same 3 nouns to get different ideas or try a new set of nouns. The tool is free to use as many times as you like. Hubspot offers free business resources if you’re looking to monetize your channel or use your vlog to sell a product.


This gem provides catchy and even controversial titles based off of one word. Simply enter your keyword and watch the generator produce a headline with tips on how to write your piece. Refresh the generator to see the next idea. Portent also provides free writing tips and exercises to help you think about the direction of your vlog. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is an immensely useful, free tool for you to use whenever you need inspiration for your next project.


Enter your topic and receive unique ideas. You can then Google the idea to see how other creators are posting about the subject. It’s free with creative headlines.


This generator provides angles for your subject without you entering a keyword. Examples include “7 Things to do When You…” and “What My Dog Taught Me About…” The general ideas will get you thinking about how you could apply each headline to your particular theme. It’s free to use, and the site owner also provides free useful writing tips.


This site has a number of writing help tools. From titles to names to plot ideas, you can “generate” an incredible amount of ideas on this site. They are all general ideas that you will need to apply to your channel’s topic, but if you’re stuck, try making an entry about one of the first few suggestions the generator presents you with. It will be a good writing and film-creation exercise.


When you’re looking to grow your channel, this site provides more than just ideas. It shows you the most popular stories for your topic. Enter your keyword and Buzzsumo will show you how many times each story with that keyword has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You’ll see how the popular stories phrase their titles to get the most shares. You can click on the stories to read them and see for yourself why they were so popular. This is an invaluable tool for creating viral uploads and gaining popularity. The basic tools are completely free.


Do you want to know what’s popular on the internet? Visit Google Trends! The site provides an ever-updating list of the highest searched and viewed topics. Come up with a new entry for a popular subject each day or week and you could be golden. You can also search your topic and see how popular it has been in search queries worldwide and by country. As with all Google sites, Trends is free to use.


Are you ready to launch your vlog? Seventeen of the top 100 most popular channels on YouTube are vlogs. It is a popular and growing form of presentation. As Charles Trippy’s Internet Killed Television channel name iterates, personal YouTube channels are becoming more popular than network television. More people watch YouTube on a daily basis than live TV, Hulu, Netflix, or Crunchyroll.

If you gain enough popularity, you can even generate a second income from your channel. In 2013, the most popular vloggers earned $5-720,000 from ad revenue. That’s big business for a lone video-maker.

Start your channel with these top 40 ideas for YouTube vlogging and if you get stuck, check out the idea generators. Choose popular topics for the quickest growth.


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