Video Influencers – Benji Travis and Sean Cannell Professional Channel

Benji Travis and Sean Cannell both know that they have valuable knowledge and expertise and have smartly used it to start a successful YouTube channel with much sought after information. YouTube has become a big business. Because of this many want to learn how to tap into it and be successful. Therefore, Benji and Sean’s formula is perfect.

They are not only making instructional and advice-driven videos, they are doing interviews with the top YouTubers, giving viewers a chance to hear directly from those who have already achieved greatness on the platform. Interviewing those who have been good at it also has another benefit for their channel; When you talk to a youtuber like Casey Neistat who has a large and loyal fanbase, then you can only expect to get many views.  His fans are extremely inspired by his work, and so you are sure to attract a great number of them to watch this interview and hopefully convert them to subscribers of your own channel. Collaboration is a very effective tool in getting new followers to your channel and interviewing large YouTubers is one way to do this. They also use a simple yet professional format for their videos and this makes them easy to watch.

In this video, they give viewers a taste of what is to come and it adequately works to make prospective persons interested in the content. They sell their expertise and services and they do it in a simple yet creative and effective way. The channel currently has a little under 280k subscribers and is steadily continuing to grow.

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